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Unwittingly, she drinks the same potion that cursed the two of them, but for her, the results are a good thing! Little do they know that they have the power to grant wishes A witch has captured a young man, and uses him for magical experimentation! A full color transformation sequence! One-shot commission of a research scientist who, while studying an alien DNA sample, finds it binding to herself Using her abilities, she reawakens his dragon spirit, transforming him back into his former glory.

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woman transforms into cow

An alternate version of "The Both" Below - the first four images are the same, but the results are different :.

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Having developed a virulent formula that will change people into anthro dinosaur-slaves, Jessica accidentally spills it on herself! A silver dragon puts on mysterious leg wraps, to find himself turning into a hawkstrider from WoW. She tries to avoid being snagged, but it's too late - and her friend becomes a female dragonskunk!

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