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Then they will say they do not like it to have the free full custom video and get their money back. There is an important message in this episode of Sizetalk to always support Artist with commission Request and Producers with Customs. Not to be Thirsty aka Constantly bothering them with messages everywhere! Episode 7: Kink shaming -No need to disrespect others fetish. Twitter and Proper way to RP.

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Bryleigh. Age: 25.
macro furry tumblr

Now today we are talking about some awesome artist and we need to support them more!

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Dayana. Age: 32.
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Sorry these are taking a bit to edit since its a 50min talk You might need to turn up the audio a bit other than that enjoy! People need to realize that you do not need to DM them instead of telling them that you love their content in the pictures instead of messaging them a lot. So the main issue with certain things on discord servers when creating a size fetish community.

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