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Prosperity contributed to a rapid rise in the population of recent working class Southern and Eastern European immigrants, a population that contributed to the growth of trade unionism , anarchism , and socialism. Outline Index Book Category Portal. Years in Brazil Years in Brazil. Foreign interests, however, continued to control the more capital-intensive industries, distinguishing Brazil's industrial revolution from that of the rest of the West. Rather, Brazil had a grouping of regional economies that exported their own specialty products to European and North American markets.

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Finally, the end of the war in November , prevented even the government that succeeded the Venceslas Bras, could carry out its plan for war.

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First Brazilian Republic

A few key export products— coffee , sugar , and cotton —thus dominated agriculture. Farm equipment was primitive and largely non-mechanized; peasants tilled the land with hoes and cleared the soil through the inefficient slash-and-burn method. Thus, high illiteracy rates went hand in hand with the absence of universal suffrage by secret ballot and the demand for a free press, independent from the then dominant economic influence. Coronelismo, which supported state autonomy, was called the "politics of the governors".

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