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Vincent follows her into the bathroom, she takes her anger and sadness out on him physically by beating him. As Stella opens the door and Freddie tries to explain why Catherine is with him, Freddie is shocked to find Catherine having disappeared from sight. After the call ended, Freddie looked back to Catherine only to find himself as the only person around in the office. It is unclear if this shirt is Catherine's or Vincent's. Catherine crying when Vincent breaks up with her. Catherine explains that Freddie has reached the end of the nightmare; that she is a succubus and she only decided to help out on seducing and culling males who got in the way of the plan on a whim. Entering the bathroom just as Freddie ends the call, Catherine asks who Freddie was talking to.

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honey select succubus

She meets him again at the Stray Sheep that same night and, again, wakes up with him, this time, telling him her name.

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Despite being a succubus, Catherine isn't entirely cold-hearted — in the novelization, she tells Jonathan Ariga that she feels bad that he will probably begin having "nightmares". She entices him with her refreshing mindset of freedom and an aversion to commitment, matching her personality and looks to be exactly what he's looking for. Vincent explains that he wishes that he could have met Catherine under different circumstances but he does not care about the past. As Freddie begins to think about the things he would have to leave behind in his world, Catherine teases Freddie saying that none of that should matter as long as they were together.

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