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giant bomb mass effect andromeda
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You do get a few fun or touching character moments here and there, but those moments are exceptions to the rule. Andromeda shouldn't have shipped like this. There are a few enjoyable moments here and there, and over time you can see the skeletal framework of a better game start to emerge, but given the heights Mass Effect has reached in the past, it's hard to believe this is what we've been waiting five years for. Previous games made you voraciously want to read everything. For the start of a new chapter to be so bad at the things Mass Effect has traditionally been so good at raises serious questions about where the series, and perhaps even BioWare, go from here. NPCs get stuck in the wrong animation, teleport around during conversation scenes, clip through scenery, or snap into T-poses so often during cutscenes that you just learn to start ignoring it, provided you can stop laughing. But worse, an awful lot of the dialogue in Andromeda is just awkwardly written and presented.

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And ultimately, after nearly 80 hours even the combat had thoroughly worn out its welcome with me due to a relative lack of variety in encounter design.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Andromeda pays some lip service early on to the delicate nature of first contact with these new races, but in practice it rushes you through these encounters, and foregoes any narrative weight they might have had, so you can start accepting quests from or shooting at these new aliens, or both. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review. If the game worked as advertised it would be merely decent to middling, but the technical state of Andromeda at the time of this writing is astonishingly poor, at least on the PlayStation 4.

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