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No Hate Speech You are free to offer your opinion respectfully, but comments or posts intended to demean a group, acontextual expressions of bigotry, and the pejorative use of slurs is disallowed. There are many other subreddits and websites that cater for that content. Examples of this include things like "this person deserves more views," "not enough people have seen this person's videos," or "show this person some love. Third-Party Licensing firms are often scams. Also, please contact us regarding spam, political or any other inappropriate videos, as this helps us remove them more quickly!

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Juliet. Age: 25.
clerks full movie youtube

No demanding "Reddit Justice" or even regular justice in any way in post titles or comments.

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Noa. Age: 27.
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I Assure You, We're Open! A Look Back At Kevin Smith's "Clerks"

Report any messages you receive of suspicious offers to the moderator team. Baiting users into breaking this rule is not allowed. This includes music visualizers and lyric videos 1. Titles for posts should not try to influence users to view or upvote them.

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