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Darkseid let out a rumbling laugh upon noticing this and renewed his attack. She was lying flat on her face in a puddle of her own sweat and ejaculate, her pussy a bright red and her legs and arms still quivering. She shuttered and let out a small, barely audible moan. When she was done, her arms shuddered and gave way, letting her upper half slump to the floor, heaving breasts pressed against the sweat soaked stone. He began rubbing his cock, slowly against her slit and then up and down the crack of her flesh ass. Diana moaned and glanced back over her shoulder.

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batman fucks wonderwoman

She was shoved forward and spluttered pitifully as the huge cock was shoved deeper into her mouth.

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Cartoon: Batman Fucks WonderWoman

It overcharged your nerves, making you more receptive to … carnal actions. Diana could do nothing but take the assault, her entire body quaking with each vicious thrust. He could pin point the moment she broke as every muscle in her body seemed to sag and her head bowed down low, almost kissing his throne. Darkseid set his jaw and then dug his fingers into her ass.

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