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Ramona however reveals he did the same thing for her. These memories were suppressed in Scott's head, and resurfaced later in the form of Negascott. She seems to be one of the only characters in this game who is still alive in the ending, despite her "death". Envy then invites Scott's and his friends backstage for a little chat which is mostly flaunting her fame in their faces during which Envy mentions she knows of Ramona through the rumors she heard in New York. This is also the time Envy started cheating on Scott.

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Skyler. Age: 26.
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Scott is dating them all at once after Ramona left, although it is unclear whether or not he is truly happy.

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Lauryn. Age: 30.
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Todd also reveals his Vegan powers to the group, effortlessly trouncing Scott though Envy calls off the battle since it was late. Her lyrics clued Scott in that Gideon's nearby and the final battle commences between the two. Envy tries to ask Gideon if he is alright but he coldly rebuffs her. However, as she began to enjoy a life of rock, she sold a number of her belongings to buy expensive clothes.

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