Tongue and spit tumblr

tongue and spit tumblr
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He uses his teeth to pull the fabric to one side before drawing a line with his tongue all the way up your lips. Wow…this is gonna hurt huh Yoongi? Namjoon is sat in his large leather chair, swaying slightly, his right leg resting across his left knee. Three knocks on the studio door. Namjoon moves away and you whimper..

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Yoongi places a hand on your collar bone to hold you steady and with his other hand, places his fingers under your chin and nudges your head up so you are leaning back, head resting over the top of the chair.

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What Matters Most

Namjoon continues to flick his tongue so so lightly, hovering over your clit before suddenly plunging his firm tongue inside you. Three knocks on the studio door. This is so fucking erotic, you pant and moan for more.

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