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Like the two seasons before it, season six is its own creature. And, for the most part, Weeds was no longer about weed. The only danger Nancy faces is from other dealers and distributors, most of whom are black and brown people who menace Nancy in order to force her out of—or deeper into—the life of crime. Meanwhile, the Botwin boys made their flight to Copenhagen and spent three years reinventing themselves as mysterious expats. Weeds follows Nancy Botwin Parker as she learns the business of drug trafficking, a means of supporting—and distracting herself from—her young sons Silas Hunter Parrish and Shane Alexander Gould. Weeds came admirably close to a full-fledged creative resurgence in its sixth season. But at its best, Weeds is an early example of the type of television show we now take for granted, shows with the no-brakes momentum of a nighttime soap and the writing, acting, and visual savvy of prestige fare.

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With TV Club 10 , we point you toward the 10 episodes that best represent a TV series, classic or modern.

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With Esteban hot on their heels, the Botwin clan winds its way around the country in an RV, determined to turn think of their displacement as just another new adventure. Weeds seasons have a rhythm. Nancy once thought of herself as a free spirit, but she comes to realize how costly her freedom has been to Andy, Silas, and Shane and tries to make amends.

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